NOV/DEC 2018 classes will become available for purchase via our website only

Registration will take place on this page at the above date/time. Please read our Class Information page for important details about the registration process, our cancellation policy, as well as information about giving a class as a gift, attending with children, and for answers to frequently asked questions. 
**It is your responsibility to be aware of these policies prior to registering in a class**
Buche de Noel | $135
A bûche de Noël (Yule log) is the perfect centrepiece for any festive table. In this class you will make your own bûche de Noël from start to finish from the sponge cake right down to the decorative chocolate bark and leave with it to take home to your family. Start a new tradition this holiday season!
  • Thu Dec 13 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Fri Dec 14 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Sat Dec 15 (11:30am–3pm)
  • Sat Dec 15 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Tue Dec 18 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Wed Dec 19 (6pm–9:30pm)
Christmas Cookies | $140
In this class you'll learn how to make some of our favourite holiday cookies. Each student will get to take home traditional French sablé cookies and linger cookies. You'll also get to decorate your own ginger people as well as try your hand at assembling a gingerbread pinwheel. A great chance to get ahead on your holiday baking!
  • Tue Dec 4 (6pm–9pm)
  • Wed Dec 5 (6pm–9pm)
  • Thu Dec 6 (6pm–9pm)
  • Fri Dec 7 (6pm–9pm)
  • Sat Dec 8 (11:30am–2:30pm)
  • Sat Dec 8 (6pm–9pm)
  • Tue Dec 11 (6pm–9pm)
  • Wed Dec 12 (6pm–9pm)
Duke Cake | $140
The decadent chocolate Duke cake is one of our bestselling items at Duchess Bake Shop. In this class you will be guided through all four steps to making this cake, including the salted caramel and chocolate glaçage. Each student will leave with a full-sized cake to take home and share with family and friends.
  • Mon Nov 19 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Tue Nov 20 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Wed Nov 21 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Thu Nov 22 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Fri Nov 23 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Sat Nov 24 (11:30am–3pm)
  • Sat Nov 24 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Thu Dec 27 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Fri Dec 28 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Sat Dec 29 (11:30am–3pm)
Macaron Basics | $125
Our biggest seller at Duchess Bake Shop, French macarons can be quite tricky to make at home—and in this class we let you in on our best tips and tricks for turning out great macarons. You will learn to make a basic shell and some of our most popular fillings, as well as learn about the origins of this dainty treat. Each student will take home about a dozen macarons.
  • Fri Nov 2 (6pm–9pm)
  • Sat Nov 3 (11:30am–2:30pm)
  • Sat Nov 3 (6pm–9pm)
  • Mon Nov 5 (6pm–9pm)
  • Tue Nov 6 (6pm–9pm)
  • Wed Nov 7 (6pm–9pm)
  • Thu Nov 8 (6pm–9pm)
  • Fri Nov 9 (12:30pm–3:30pm)
  • Fri Nov 9 (6pm–9pm)
  • Sat Nov 10 (11:30am–2:30pm)
  • Sat Nov 10 (6pm–9pm)
  • Mon Nov 12 (6pm–9pm)
  • Fri Nov 16 (11:30am–2:30pm)
  • Sat Nov 17 (11:30am–2:30pm)
  • Mon Nov 26 (6pm–9pm)
  • Tue Nov 27 (6pm–9pm)
  • Wed Nov 28 (6pm–9pm)
  • Fri Nov 30 (11:30am–2:30pm)
  • Sat Dec 1 (6pm–9pm)
  • Mon Dec 3 (6pm–9pm)
  • Mon Dec 10 (6pm–9pm)
  • Mon Dec 17 (6pm–9pm)
Pie Basics | $140
Conquer your fear of making pie dough and become a pie ninja! In this class we teach you how easy it is to achieve the perfect pie dough and reveal our tips and tricks for baking delicious pies everyone will come running back for. You will make a full covered pie, a lattice-top pie, and a chilled pie using a blind-baked shell. Recipes covered in this class include* apple, sour cream cherry, banana cream, buttertarts. *Recipes covered may vary according to season, ingredient availability or teacher inspiration.
  • Tue Nov 13 (5:30pm–9:30pm)
  • Wed Nov 14 (5:30pm–9:30pm)
  • Thu Nov 15 (5:30pm–9:30pm)
  • Fri Nov 16 (5:30pm–9:30pm)
  • Sat Nov 17 (5:30pm–9:30pm)
Preservation Society Jam & Canning Workshop | $90
Join Master Preserver Camilla Wynne of the Preservation Society for a workshop of jam and canning perfection! In this workshop we will discuss the science of safe canning, and how to make the best preserves (using less sugar and little or no pectin). We then move to the kitchen and prepare one seasonal jam recipe and one seasonal canning recipe. You will leave the class with a jar of each preserve, ready to tackle any project, and able to safely and creatively modify recipes to your taste.
  • Thu Dec 20 (6:30pm–9pm)
  • Fri Dec 21 (2pm–4:30pm)
  • Fri Dec 21 (6:30pm–9pm)
  • Sat Dec 22 (10am–12:30pm)
  • Sat Dec 22 (3pm–5:30pm)
Tourtière | $135
This classic French-Canadian meat pie is a staple around the holidays. In this class you’ll learn all about the origins and regional variations of the tourtière. You will make pie dough and filling for a traditional Montréal-style tourtière and get to take home one unbaked pie to share with your family and friends. Your instructor will also demonstrate how to make a tourtière typical of the Lac-St-Jean region. The class will also make pouding chômeur, a traditional Québécois cake, and end with a shared meal.
  • Thu Nov 29 (5:30pm–8:30pm)
  • Fri Nov 30 (5:30pm–8:30pm)
  • Sat Dec 1 (10am–1pm)