Winter 2018 classes will become available for purchase via our website only

Registration will take place on this page at the above date/time. Please read our Class Information page for important details about the registration process, our cancellation policy, as well as information about giving a class as a gift, attending with children, and for answers to frequently asked questions. 
**It is your responsibility to be aware of these policies prior to registering in a class**
Bake Shop Favourites | $135
In this class you’ll learn to make some of the bakeshop’s most asked about recipes and hear the stories behind our most popular desserts. Each student will try their hand at grand-mere’s florentines, scones and the ever popular key lime tart.
  • Mon Jan 14 (6pm–9pm)
  • Tue Jan 15 (6pm–9pm)
  • Wed Jan 16 (6pm–9pm)
  • Thu Jan 17 (6pm–9pm)
  • Fri Jan 18 (6pm–9pm)
  • Sat Jan 19 (6pm–9pm)
Brioche Basics | $135
This rich and buttery dough is always a breakfast favourite! In this class, you will learn how to make the basic dough while exploring its versatility and endless possibilities. We will also cover fillings and students will get to make the bakeshop’s famous brioche pépin.
  • Tue Feb 5 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Wed Feb 6 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Thu Feb 7 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Fri Feb 8 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Sat Feb 9 (11:30am–3pm)
  • Sat Feb 9 (6pm–9:30pm)
Cabane a Sucre | $140
In this class you’ll learn what a cabane à sucre is all about. You will learn how to make a few of the many traditional cabane à sucre dishes, enjoy a shared meal featuring a maple glazed ham and finish with tire sur la neige (maple taffy on snow). No shortage of maple syrup will be consumed!
  • Thu Feb 28 (5:30pm–8:30pm)
  • Fri Mar 1 (5:30pm–8:30pm)
  • Sat Mar 2 (10am–1pm)
Duke Cake | $140
The decadent chocolate Duke cake is one of our bestselling items at Duchess Bake Shop. In this class you will be guided through all four steps to making this cake, including the salted caramel and chocolate glaçage. Each student will leave with a full-sized cake to take home and share with family and friends.
  • Mon Jan 21 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Tue Jan 22 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Wed Jan 23 (6pm–9:30pm) 
  • Thu Jan 24 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Fri Jan 25 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Sat Jan 26 (11:30am–3pm)
  • Sat Jan 26 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Mon Feb 11 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Tue Feb 12 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Wed Feb 13 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Fri Feb 15 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Sat Feb 16 (11:30am–3pm)
  • Sat Feb 16 (6pm–9:30pm)
Macaron Basics | $125
Our biggest seller at Duchess Bake Shop, French macarons can be quite tricky to make at home—and in this class we let you in on our best tips and tricks for turning out great macarons. You will learn to make a basic shell and some of our most popular fillings, as well as learn about the origins of this dainty treat. Each student will take home about a dozen macarons.
  • Tue Jan 8 (6pm–9pm)
  • Wed Jan 9 (6pm–9pm)
  • Thu Jan 10 (6pm–9pm)
  • Fri Jan 11 (6pm–9pm)
  • Sat Jan 12 (6pm–9pm)
  • Fri Jan 18 (11:30am–2:30pm)
  • Sat Jan 19 (11:30am–2:30pm)
  • Fri Jan 25 (11:30am–2:30pm)
  • Mon Jan 28 (6pm–9pm)
  • Tue Jan 29 (6pm–9pm)
  • Wed Jan 30 (6pm–9pm)
  • Thu Jan 31 (6pm–9pm)
  • Fri Feb 1 (6pm–9pm)
  • Sat Feb 2 (11:30am–2:30pm)
  • Sat Feb 2 (6pm–9pm)
  • Mon Feb 4 (6pm–9pm)
  • Fri Feb 8 (11:30am–2:30pm)
  • Mon Feb 18 (6pm–9pm)
  • Mon Feb 25 (6pm–9pm)
  • Tue Feb 26 (6pm–9pm)
  • Wed Feb 27 (6pm–9pm)
  • Sat Mar 2 (6pm–9pm)
  • Mon Mar 4 (6pm–9pm)
  • Mon Mar 11 (6pm–9pm)
  • Sat Mar 16 (6pm–9pm)
Macaron Advanced | $140
*Pre-requisite: the Macaron Basics class*
Now that you’ve mastered macaron batter, it’s time to go beyond the simple filled cookie. In this class, you will expand your macaron repertoire by making marshmallow macarons (a staff favourite!) and your own macaron-gâteau to bring home. 
  • Tue Mar 12 (6pm–9pm)
  • Wed Mar 13 (6pm–9pm)
  • Thu Mar 14 (6pm–9pm)
  • Fri Mar 15 (6pm–9pm)
  • Sat Mar 16 (11:30am–2:30pm)
Pâte a Choux | $135
Knowing how to make pâte à choux, the dough used to make éclairs and cream puffs, is a great fundamental skill to have in your back pocket. In this class, you’ll gain confidence in making and piping pâte à choux. You’ll also make delicious fillings and learn to fill the pastry. Recipes covered in this class include traditional éclairs, chouquettes (cream puffs), and gougères (cheese puffs).
  • Tue Feb 19 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Wed Feb 20 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Thu Feb 21 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Fri Feb 22 (11:30am–3pm)
  • Fri Feb 22 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Sat Feb 23 (11:30am–3pm)
Pie Basics | $140
Conquer your fear of making pie dough and become a pie ninja! In this class we teach you how easy it is to achieve the perfect pie dough and reveal our tips and tricks for baking delicious pies everyone will come running back for. You will make a full covered pie, a lattice-top pie, and a chilled pie using a blind-baked shell. Recipes covered in this class include* apple, sour cream cherry, banana cream, buttertarts. *Recipes covered may vary according to season, ingredient availability or teacher inspiration.
  • Mon Mar 18 (5:30pm–9:30pm)
  • Tue Mar 19 (5:30pm–9:30pm)
  • Wed Mar 20 (5:30pm–9:30pm)
  • Thu Mar 21 (5:30pm–9:30pm)
  • Fri Mar 22 (5:30pm–9:30pm)
  • Sat Mar 23 (11:30am–3:30pm)
  • Mon Mar 25 (5:30pm–9:30pm)
  • Tue Mar 26 (5:30pm–9:30pm)
  • Wed Mar 27 (5:30pm–9:30pm)
  • Thu Mar 28 (5:30pm–9:30pm)
  • Fri Mar 29 (11:30am–3:30pm)
  • Fri Mar 29 (5:30pm–9:30pm)
  • Sat Mar 30 (11:30am–3:30pm)
Puff Pastry | $140
Although making puff pastry at home can be a time-consuming project, once you know the basics, it’s not that difficult and can be extremely rewarding. In this class you will learn the basics of dough lamination, about temperature control and how to roll and bake puff pastry. Each student will also get the chance to assemble their own mille-feuille.
  • Tue Mar 5 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Wed Mar 6 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Thu Mar 7 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Fri Mar 8 (6pm–9:30pm)
  • Sat Mar 9 (11:30am–3pm)