The following Provisions items are available for purchase at Little Duchess. For our full line of Provisions offerings visit Duchess Bake Shop at 10720 124th Street or check out our Online Store.

All Purpose Flour
Almond Flour
Apple Earl Grey Jelly
Baking Kits
Bread Flour
Callebaut Chocolate Chips
Culinary Lavender
Disposable Piping Tips
Duchess At Home Cookbook
Duchess Bake Shop Cookbook
Egg Albumen
Fleur de Sel
Fleuris Tea
L’Amour Tea
Hot Chocolate
Pearl Sugar
Piping Tips
Pistachio Extract
Plastic Bowl Scraper
Powdered Food Colour
Provence Tea
Raspberry Rose Jam
Salted Caramel
Tonka Beans
Valrhona Chocolate
Vanilla Bean Paste
Vanilla Extract