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Jam & Marmalade Workshop—Fall 2017


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Join Master Preserver Camilla Wynne for an evening of jam and marmalade perfection! In this workshop we will discuss the science of safe canning, how to make the best preserves (using less sugar and little or no pectin), and the curious history of marmalade. We then move to the kitchen and prepare one jam recipe (such as raspberry with vanilla and cocoa nibs!) and one marmalade (such as clementine & passionfruit!). You will leave the class with a jar of each preserve, ready to tackle any project and able to safely and creatively modify recipes to your taste.


  • Classes can run ~15 minutes over or under the allotted time
  • 10 years old is the minimum age for children attending classes, and all kids under the age of 16 must be registered with an adult
  • There is a limit of 4 tickets per person in a given class with no exceptions