Macaron & Croquembouche Towers



These elegant centerpieces are the perfect addition to your wedding reception or special event. We offer a variety of different flavours and colours to match your event’s theme, and this new format makes traveling and set up easy.


Mix & match from our 5 classic flavours and our 3 monthly flavours. The macaron tower is available in small and large sizes, and serves approximately 50–90 people. 

CHOUQUETTE TOWER (cream puffs)

We offer a variety of flavours of chouquettes to suit your event, and you can mix & match up to 2 flavours. The chouquette tower is available in small and large sizes, and serves approximately 30–60 people. 

    MIXED TOWER (Macarons & Chouquettes)

    Create a beautiful layered look by alternating tiers of macarons and chouquettes! The mixed tower is available in small and large sizes, and serves approximately 40–80 people.


    The macarons and the chouquettes come packed in boxes with the stand provided separately. It is up to you to set up the stand and arrange the macarons and chouquettes on each tier. Make sure the stand is assembled fully with the base attached, and placed in its final location before arranging the macarons and chouquettes. Feel free to add extra decorations to your tower such as fresh flowers or ribbons.

    Rental Fee, Deposit and Return—

    There is a $50 rental fee for the stand and a $50 damage deposit. The stand must be returned unwashedwithin 5 days of the pickup date. If the stand is returned undamaged, then the $50 damage deposit will be returned.

    *Please do not attempt to wash the stand yourself! It is not dishwasher safe and we are happy to take care of that detail for you.


    Do you do custom macaron flavours and colours?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate custom colours and flavours at this time. We suggest using ribbon or fresh flowers to add customization to your tower.

    Can I combine different flavours of chouquettes and macarons on my tower?

    Yes. Alternating tiers of macarons and chouquettes creates a beautiful layered effect, and provides a nice variety for your guests. Please contact us for pricing.

    How many guests will each tower serve?

    We like to plan for an average of two pieces per guest—so for example, our large macaron tower (180 pieces) would serve approximately 90 people. Small and large towers can also be ordered together to achieve just the right amount to serve your party, or the towers can be refilled over the course of your event. If you have any questions about how to accommodate a particular number of guests, please contact us.

    Are the macarons gluten free?

    Yes, but please note that even though these are technically gluten-free, we do use a lot of flour in our kitchen and cannot guarantee that there hasn't been any cross-contamination. The chouquettes are not gluten free.

    How much notice is required for this order?

    If there are choquettes in the tower we need a minimum of 1 weeks' notice. We only need 48 hours notice for macaron towers 

    Do you deliver?

    Unfortunately, we do not currently offer a delivery service, but we are always happy to co-ordinate with a courier of your choice. We recommend Anthony At Your Service for deliveries in the Edmonton area.

    What else do you offer for weddings or other special events?

    We offer a few different options for adorable wedding favours and are happy to help with additional pastries to round out a dessert table. Feel free to contact us for more information.