Macaron–Meringue Favours

Our signature macarons or meringues, perfectly packaged for your special occasion. We offer a number of different combinations and price points.

1 meringue · $1.85
2 meringues · $2.20
3 meringues · $2.55
1 macaron · $3.35
2 macarons · $5.20
3 macarons · $7.05
1 macaron + 1 merigue · $3.70
2 macarons + 1 merigue · $5.55

When ordering favours you are welcome to choose your favourite flavours. We have five classic flavours of macaron—pistachio (green), rose (pink), lemon (yellow), vanilla (white), and salted caramel (white)—as well as three feature flavours that change each month. We do not recommend using the salted caramel flavour for packaged favours because the caramel can ooze out and get the bags all sticky. 

Our meringue flavours change monthly—click here to see our current ones.

*All favours are packaged using our Duchess ribbon as pictured, but if you would like to bring in your own ribbon and tags we can use those too. Please check with us for appropriate ribbon and tag sizes.


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