Whole-Wheat Flour—Stoneground


by Anita's Organic Mill (Size—1 kg)

Anita's whole-wheat flour is stone-milled from hard red spring wheat kernels grown in Western Canada. Whole-wheat flour contains all of the bran, wheat germ, and endosperm of the wheat kernels. Protein averages about 13%, which makes whole-wheat flour excellent for bread making. When used in bread baking, it imparts a nutty flavour and a denser texture when compared to all-purpose flour. Whole-wheat breads do not rise as high, which is why a mixture of both whole-wheat and white flour is often used when baking.

Anita's Organic Mill, family owned and operated for 15 years, works closely with the best organic farmers in British Columbia and the Canadian Prairie provinces. They are committed to the highest artisan-quality Certified Organic and Kosher grains, fresh whole-grain stone-ground and all-purpose flours, ancient grains, cereals, and mixes. From sourcing grains solely from farms using sustainable, organic agricultural practices to packaging with eco-friendly materials, caring for the environment is a top priority.