Duchess at Home Cookbook

Silver Winner - Taste Canada Awards

In the Duchess Bake Shop Cookbook, I shared the recipes for our most popular pastries at the bakery and tried to bring what we do in a professional kitchen within reach of the home baker. When I bake at home, the things I tend to make are more often a reflection of me as a person and I'm happiest when I'm in my home kitchen baking for my family. My French-Canadian heritage, my passion for France, the traditions passed down in my family, and the things I grow in my garden all influence what I like to bake at home. All of the recipes in this book are truly ‘me,’ each chapter representing an important part of my life. From old family recipes to new creations, this collection is my heart in a book. I hope these recipes will become your family favourites as well. Happy baking!

- Giselle Courteau


Despite our best efforts, we have found a printing error in the book. The following should read:

Chocolate Pots 

Page 74 - step 4 Cook until the temperature reaches 82°C (180°F).

Page 75 - step 7 When it has cooled to about 45°C (115°F)...

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