Meet Our Team

Our team is a diverse group of people who love Edmonton and are all dedicated to providing exceptional pastries and service.

Andrea (Executive Pastry Chef)

Andrea is the Executive Pastry Chef and Kitchen Manager at Duchess Bake Shop. She is a graduate of the NAIT Culinary Program and has experience working in the culinary industry in both Edmonton and Montreal. Andrea has worked at Duchess Bake Shop for ten years and has honed her pastry education with professional pastry classes at the prestigious Valrhona Pastry School in New York. Her creativity and passion for her craft always shine through in the delicious desserts that she creates.

Tricia (Duchess Atelier)

Tricia is the Manager and Head Teacher at Duchess Atelier (Duchess’s teaching kitchen). She’s been with Duchess Bake Shop for over ten years and has worked in virtually every aspect of the business, including as a kitchen manager and pastry chef. Tricia has years of experience working in the service industry, is always up on the latest baking and pastry trends, and loves everything Bake Shop–related.

Allison (Operations Manager)

Allison is the Operations Manager at Duchess Bake Shop and is the glue that binds us all together. She is dedicated to everyone one of her team members and works in all areas of the business. Currently on maternity leave.

Ryder (Financial Controller)

Ryder oversees our daily accounting operations, but the reality is that he does so much more than that for us. He’s a creative thinker, a numbers wizard, and loves spreadsheets, graphs, and implementing new systems.

Garner (Owner)

Taking inspiration from his time in Tokyo and his love of food and coffee, Garner finally realized his dreams of opening a café and bakery in 2009 in his hometown of Edmonton. Since opening the Bake Shop with former co-founder Giselle, Garner has played a large role in running the café, brand development, and community building. He is devoted to the business he helped build from the ground up and is proud of the hard-working team behind Duchess. Garner sits on several boards, including for the 124th Street Business Association and the Edmonton Opera, and plays an active role in the local community.

Ewa & Jay (Owners)

Partners Ewa and Jay were both born and raised in Edmonton and have diverse backgrounds in food and retail.  Ewa is a trained Interior Designer and has worked on many commercial spaces in and around Edmonton. In 2014 she founded neat inc., a residential cleaning company she operated for 8 years. Jay is an experienced entrepreneur and co-owner in Oodle Noodle Group, the Nation Network, and River Valley Company (Little Brick, Dogpatch, and Bread + Butter Bakery). His passion for Edmonton and his community shines through the diverse projects he takes on, and it’s been said that no one loves Edmonton more than Jay! Ewa and Jay are deeply committed to Duchess Bake Shop and continue to bring you the quality, experience, and world-class pastries it’s long been known for.

our history

Founders Giselle and Garner opened Duchess Bake Shop in 2009, with Jacob joining the team shortly after. Jacob Executive Pastry Chef and Giselle head of Duchess Atelier served the business for 13 years. In early 2022 they decided it was time to leave the business to focus on their children, families, and new adventures. Giselle is an Appetite by Random House author, and both her books featuring Duchess Bake Shop recipes and her home recipes can be purchased at the 124th Street and Ritchie Market locations. Friends of Duchess for life, Jacob and Giselle continue to cheer on the Duchess team and all its successes.