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Duchess Bake Shop—Gold Winner Taste Canada Awards

When Giselle Courteau published her first cookbook,  Duchess Bake Shop, in November 2014, it was an instant hit. Aimed at the home baker, this 288-page hard-bound book reveals the recipes for Duchess’s most cherished pastries and treats, providing clear, detailed instructions and step-by-step photographs.

Written from the heart and exquisitely photographed, the book places all the Duchess favourites at the fingertips of the home baker: buttery brioche, delightful macarons, danishes, scrumptious scones, delicate madeleines, comforting brownies, creamy éclairs, impressive mille-feuilles, Duchess’s signature cakes, the glorious St. Honoré pastry, and so many others.

“There are no secrets to what we do and no magic tricks to making our final product, and that’s why I wanted to write this book.”

It took Giselle and her dedicated team over a year and a half of planning, writing, and testing to produce this gorgeous volume. Recipes had to be adapted for the home kitchen and were relentlessly tested and re-tested until just right.

“By publishing these recipes, we’re able to share our craft and passion for baking—after all, good food is meant to be shared!”

Giselle and her team hope that this cookbook will be a timeless classic, helping home bakers gain confidence in the kitchen and passing on skills that are being all too quickly forgotten.

Duchess At Home—Silver Award Winner Taste Canada Awards

In  Duchess at Home—a beautiful new cookbook from the founder of Duchess Bake Shop--Giselle Courteau draws on her French and French Canadian heritage to share the food she loves to make most for her family at home. Warming soups and stews, hearty breads, and flavourful preserves fill the pages of this beautiful volume—plus, of course, plenty of recipes for her delicious sweets and desserts—from tourtière to tarte au fraises, and everything in between. With chapters for breakfast and lunch, French favourites and Quebecois cuisine, dishes for Christmas and special occasions, and even recipes inspired by the produce in Giselle's own garden, this is a cookbook that you'll turn to for inspiration all year long.

Every recipe is quadruple tested, and completely achievable for home cooks. Even crafting a croquembouche becomes attainable with Giselle's careful step-by-step instructions, process photos, and templates! Cooks and bakers everywhere will enjoy cooking their way through every one of these 75 mouthwatering French-inspired recipes. With its thoughtful writing, stunning photography and design, and classic, fail-proof recipes, Duchess at Home welcomes you home to Giselle's kitchen—and is sure to become a mainstay in yours for many years to come.

“Giselle and I are friends, but we could be sisters. From her kitchen confessions, which mirror my own (I never measure vanilla, either!), to her techniques, which are geared towards producing delicious French-inspired fare, I feel we share a bond. If you are diving into baking for the first time, Giselle’s kind voice will give you clear instructions, and if you are expanding your repertoire, then you will reach new heights of achievement with her guidance.” —Anna Olson

“A book of real meals inspired by [Giselle Courteau's] French-Canadian heritage. There’s the famous grainy breakfast bowl from their sister restaurant, Café Linnea, and a stunning tourtière from the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region of Quebec. And though the baked goods are slightly less intimidating than some of the impressive pastries in the bakery and her first book, the Maple Syrup Pie and Pouding Chômeur, Chocolate Liège Waffles and Galettes are every bit as delicious as everything else that keeps people coming back for more.” The Globe & Mail